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超越芯是解决您闲置、停产、报废电子元件库存方面的专家。 我们的核心业务是收购和管理处置库存。 我们提供的服务值得广大信赖,目前正在被世界各地的OEM,一级和二级CEM和分销商使用。 我们的目标是帮助客户以最高的诚信获得超额库存的最高回报。

有着专业估价工程师和丰富经验, 通过双方沟通, 在了解客户回收需求前提计划, 流程, 估价提出了专业的建议. 呆滞或退港物料适当处理,迅速为顾客消化库存,及时回笼资金, 提高企业资金灵活度。


Selling Options

Flexible Ways to Sell Your Stock
ExcessChip is a very dedicated team of individuals who work hard to give you the security and comfort that comes from working with a highly professional selling partner. Even if it's just a few lines of inventory or thousands of parts, we can assist you.

Immediate Payment

We assess your stock for immediate purchase
Once purchase is agreed your stock is quickly removed
You get immediate cash, complete removal of goods and no ongoing liability

Full Consignment

We sell your stock to maximize market value
Once the purchase is agreed upon, your stock is quickly removed
Your stock is relocated to our ISO approved warehouse

Part Payment & Consignment

We buy your stock for immediate cash and a percentage of future sales
Your surplus stock is removed and marketed worldwide
You maximize return by getting immediate cash and ongoing revenue